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Medical Clinic Dinuba provides the residents of Dinuba, CA and its surrounding areas with superior healthcare services in multifaceted areas of medicine. We offer extensive in-office diagnostic services in a medically managed setting where we assess and treat our patients with the intention of achieving the best outcomes. We are leaders in delivering preventive care to people suffering from a range of issues related to women’s health, nutritional and psychology counseling, and respiratory diseases; just to name a few.

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Known for our compassionate care, our outpatient clinic was established with the young child and adult patient in mind. Basic patient care includes screenings and a physical examination. However, our clinic physicians have specialty in various fields of medicine such as chiropractic, psychiatry, pediatric, podiatry, internal, geriatric, and family. All of our physicians are board-certified with innovative training in their field. Other members of staff include registered nurses and physician assistants.

We offer the major elements of primary care in two convenient locations within the same city where patients can benefit from the latest technology in progressive treatment. Part of our focus is on managing diseases associated with respiratory problems, which includes asthmatic patients.